11 Jolly Jesus Jokes (offensive)

Death, The Grim Comedian, presents a Jesus-video with 11 somewhat funny and offensive jokes about christ, Jesus – the lord of flies.

Do you like you humor offensive and your jokes darker than dark? Hit like and subscribe for more offensive jokes on all topics. This jokes channel has it all! Jesus jokes, jokes about christianity, jew jokes, catholic jokes, funny jesus memes, and so on. Funny dark comedy right here, folks! Just for the laughs.


“Funny Jesus video, also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Memes Christ, was a Jewish meme-preacher and religious leader who became the central figure of Christianity. Christians believe him to be the Son of God and the awaited Messiah (Christ) prophesied in the Old Testament Jokes”

11 funny Jesus jokes right here, because Jesus is a friend of mine, in this funny Jesus video.


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