19 Police Brutality Jokes

This video contains 19 jokes about Police Brutality. If you like your jokes offensive and your humor dark, this is the channel for hit. Hit like and subscribe for more offensive jokes on different topics.


“Police brutality is the deliberate use of excessive force, usually physical, carried out during law enforcement activities by a police officer engaging the civilian population. This type of behavior also includes verbal attacks and psychological intimidation by a police officer.

Widespread police brutality exists in many countries, even those that prosecute it.t is one of several forms of police misconduct, which include: false arrest; intimidation; racial profiling; political repression; surveillance abuse; sexual abuse; and police corruption.Although illegal, it can be performed under the color of law.”

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This funny video contains 19 jokes related to police brutality. The jokes are not my own, they are all compiled from around the net. If you like offensive jokes, hit like and sub for more police jokes.


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