14 Funny Jokes about Feminism and Feminists


“I found a young homeless girl hidden out by the bins last night. She was dirty and didn’t smell too good but, underneath the grime, I could see she was pretty and had a good body, for being a feminist.
I brought her inside and gave her a bath. As I was towelling off her naked body, I became aroused and one thing led to another. Before I knew it, I was making passionate love to her. I was banging her so hard that a couple of times you’d have sworn she was alive.”

Welcome to the lair of the grim comedian. Here you will find all sorts of offensive humour, and I challenge you not to laugh at these somewhat funny and offensive jokes.

In this somewhat funny video the laugh is on the feminists and supporters of feminism.

14 Funny and offensive Jokes about Feminism and Feminists. The scum of the earth. Visit the channel for more offensive jokes about feminists.


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