6 Prince Dead Jokes

Prince is dead and Death, the grim comedian, delivers the best of Prince is Dead jokes. In this video you will find 6-7 jokes related to the death of Prince.




“Prince, 57, has died. This shocking tragedy was revealed on Thursday, April 21, almost one week after the iconic singer left fans very concerned about his health by making an emergency landing in Illinois. It’s unclear if his sudden death is related to the same illness that forced his plane to land on Friday, April 15.

This is devastating news. Prince’s body was discovered inside his Minnesota home on Thursday, April 21, reports TMZ. Sadly, little is known about his cause of death, aside from the reports that he had been battling an illness for weeks beforehand.”

Prince is dead and this video is a tribute. 6-7 jokes about the death of Prince. Dead Prince jokes right here, everybody! They are somewhat funny and might make you laugh.

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These jokes about the dead Prince are collected from around the net.
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