17 Jokes about Political Correctness (Offensive for the easily offended)

Death, the politically incorrect compilation-comedian, delivers yet another funny and entertaining jokes-video. This time on the despicable theme of Political Correctness. The BIG evil. Political Correctness is the enemy of free though and must be pissed upon!




This video contains 17 Jokes about political correctness – a funny video for the politically incorrect soul out there. If you are easily offended, you will be offended. This is nothing for the social justice warriors out there. political correctness has gone mad, political correctness is bullshit.

If you like your humour dark and your jokes offensive, this is the channel for you. Death, The Grim Comedian, focuses on jokes, jokes and more jokes. Always offensive to some degree.

Offensive jokes, offensive thoughts, all in the name of free speech, in these funny and hilarious dark jokes videos containing sick and or offensive and mean jokes. Not for the easily offended.

You’ll find all sorts of offensive jokes right here. Sick Jokes, Mean jokes, Vile jokes. political satire jokes.

political correctness gone mad! political correctness is bullshit!

Intro: Peste Noire – Ode
The Bliblop: Nitro2k01 – Lidl


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